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GIDE has enabled market researchers in France to capture real insights for over 15 years. We are now expanding our services in the UK and beyond.

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We are experts in web technologies so our customers keep coming back to us for everything from online surveys to web reporting systems and much more.

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Technology made to order

With our passion for data, research and new technology, we love a challenge. We bring open minds to each new application and create bespoke software to meet each project's unique demands.

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Looking for Unicom Intelligence (formerly IBM SPSS Data Collection/Dimensions) consultancy and skills? Find out more.

2018: SCROLL used to complete national infrastructure data collection and reporting system for Cabinet Office

Professional Service Quality Surveys running in 6 UK Universities in May-July 2018. Demo

2018: SCROLL being used for surveys in farsi by two major agencies in Iran

2018: Our web surveys can be run offline for CAPI projects

2018: Check out the new website of our UK sister company: SDA

2018: SCROLL used for complex survey of support services for people with disabilities in France

SDA GIDE highly commended for their SENSE gambler exclusion system at the 2018 British Casino Awards

GDPR: SDA GIDE now provide practical training and guidance to help smaller companies navigate the new era in data protection.


Comprehensive. Innovative. Knowledgeable...

GIDE understands and values the science and practice of research. We bring our expertise in established survey research fields to new and emerging areas such as mobile surveys, online communities and Big Data.

Innovation and research are critical to our approach. The more complex and demanding your project, whether qualitative or quantitative, using complex methodologies or requiring a complete bespoke system, GIDE will rise to the technological and methodological challenges.

GIDE’s multi-faceted team brings breadth and depth of knowledge of survey research and statistical methods. These skills and experience have won us important repeat contracts developing complex reporting and administrative systems for national and local government.

Technology made to order
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The GIDE survey platform gives you the power to ask what you want, how you want.

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client list

client list

Social and Market Research industry:

Areyounet • Bilendi (Maximiles) • BVA • CRÉDOC • CSA • Future Thinking • GfK • Ifop • Ipsos • KantarHealth • National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) • OpinionWay • Respondi • TNS Sofres • Survey Sampling International (SSI) • Toluna • Viavoice • ...


AOL • AXA • Blédina • Banque Populaire - Caisse d'Epargne (BPCE) • Disney • FNAC • Havas 360 • La Poste • Mediapost • Solocal (PagesJaunes) • PSA Peugeot Citroën • SNCF • Ubisoft • • ...

Institutional organizations:

ANSES • Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (AH-HP) • Department for Education (DfE) • Ofsted • Parti Socialiste • Rennes Metropole • Conseil Régional d'Ile de France • ...

  • IFOP success story for GIDE

    For the market research and polling firm, Ifop, the challenge was to find a partner that could deliver customized technological solutions for complex surveys – and frequently to tight deadlines.


    When Ifop encountered a need for additional short-term technical resources, Bruno Lenain, Ifop’s Divisional Director for Media and Digital, recalled his positive experiences of working with GIDE at a previous company. He invited GIDE to help his team at Ifop.

    “When working with GIDE,” Bruno says, “we can share our issues regarding a survey and they will advise us on the best approach to take. GIDE is very pragmatic and helps us get close to what we want.”

    An example of this practical approach occurred in a recent complex project for Ifop involving an online diary. In addition to multiple levels and waves, this survey was full of tree structures, nested questions, and dynamic response lists that depended on answers to previous questions. All this complexity had to be hidden from the respondent, so to make participation easier, GIDE’s consultants created custom grids on screen. These grids included a specially-designed method of handling dropdown lists, with a ‘smart fill’ 
facility for semi-open questions.

    After the data collection, GIDE combined all the data – which was no small feat in this intricate study – and developed a custom online data query tool for Ifop’s client. Everyone from the research directors to the marketing and sales mangers could extract the information they needed.

    Speaking more widely on GIDE’s work for Ifop, Bruno Lenain commends the flexibility of GIDE’s consultants. “In our activities, we can't plan everything because the end-client often changes their mind. GIDE always understands this and adapts its processes if necessary.”

    • Ifop draws from GIDE’s wide breadth of technological survey research skills – and often at short notice
    • GIDE’s depth of experience results in well-designed solutions to problems
    • A trusting relationship has allowed both parties to work together to find new solutions to technology issues
    • Flexibility and responsiveness offered by GIDE helps Ifop accommodate late changes from clients and meet or exceed their expectations
  • Anonymous success story for GIDE

    The customer featured in this success story wishes to remain anonymous, but has checked the story for accuracy.


    The operations team at one of the world’s largest market research companies was already working at full capacity when one of their clients commissioned an international online diary project. As a sizeable project that required skilled programming, it was clear that the company would need outside help to complete the job in time. The question was who would have the specialist expertise required? Other similar projects were likely to follow. Could these be accommodated too?


    The market research company’s Deputy Director of Operations selected GIDE to program and field the online diary and associated survey. He explains: “We prefer to work with companies that have both research and online expertise instead of working with technology firms that do not understand market research. This is one of GIDE’s strengths.”

    This first project with GIDE went smoothly and the end customer was very satisfied with the outcome. “Although the project was purely data collection, I know that GIDE works at every stage of the market research process. This is why GIDE has such a good understanding of research and why they are so good to work with.”

    As the market research company had anticipated, more online diary projects followed. One recent project, with fieldwork over 36 weeks, required participants to keep a diary and complete weekly online surveys. “For the first month, our project manager and I watched this study very carefully, but everything went extremely smoothly, with only one very minor issue in the whole 36-week time period,” reports the Deputy Director.

    “GIDE is more of a partner than a provider. The people at GIDE understand our industry so well, that they often give us advice that makes our project better or more efficient.” For example, GIDE suggested using text messages (SMS) that would both collect data and remind participants to complete their diaries. So, when participants sent product names by text at the time of purchase, they received a reminder to complete the survey at home. When they accessed the project, the products they had bought appeared as part of the questionnaire.

    Like most businesses, this market research firm keeps a tight rein on costs. “GIDE’s pricing is very competitive, so this helps us to win contracts. In fact, GIDE’s quote is usually exactly the same as it would cost us to do the work ourselves. When GIDE quotes more, there is a good reason.” The research company has found GIDE to be flexible in offering a revised cost. “All I need to do is have a brief discussion with GIDE,” the Deputy Director says.

    • The market research company has the peace of mind that even at peak periods it can draw on additional experienced resources at GIDE
    • When working with GIDE, the research firm can still provide its customers with quotes that are competitive enough to win business
    • GIDE is flexible with its pricing and services to accommodate the available budget
    • The research company can rely on the quality of GIDE’s work, ensuring satisfaction from customers and repeat business from them
    • GIDE technical experts were able to implement imaginative technological solutions to make the project more efficient and successful
  • IPSOS success story for GIDE

    With a reputation in the global market research industry as an innovator, Ipsos constantly strives to lead the way with technology and creative thinking. Due to the highly specialised nature of its work, the company will occasionally bring in additional technology expertise from outside the organisation. So when Ipsos MediaCT, the media content and technology research division, was faced with creating an online questionnaire with response lists comprising over 800 brands, researchers opted for a custom-built solution to make it easier for respondents to participate in the survey.


    Amélie Bergue, senior research executive at Ipsos mediaCT, explains that in its original form, the online questionnaire would initially present a list of 30 categories to the participants. After this, the respondent would then pick a brand from a long list. This was a textual list, with no logos, so it was quite possible for the participant to select the wrong brand by mistake.

    The team at Ipsos mediaCT decided to ask GIDE to write an online ‘browser’ that could be incorporated into the questionnaire to make it easier for participants to find brands. Now, the interviewee simply has to type the start of the brand name or even a keyword, and a list of possible matches appears. The browser presents the logos alongside the brand names, making the whole experience of finding the right brand simpler, more engaging and less error-prone. The system automatically codes the category, which means the interviewee never has the bother of working out which category the brand belongs to.

    GIDE and Ipsos worked very closely together. GIDE developed the browser and created link to the rest of Ipsos’ online questionnaire. Amélie comments that the team at GIDE “are really good advisors” and “they give us good ideas.” She says that Ipsos hopes to re-use the brand browser on other questions or in other projects.

    She continues: “We like working with GIDE because we know that the team will really get into the details of our project, read it carefully, give us good advice and script it perfectly. They are really ready to help us improve the look and feel of our online questionnaires, which is an advantage for us because it is a way of standing out from the competitors.”

    • A more engaging and enjoyable experience for respondents when participating in online research
    • Improved response through reduced drop-offs at a problematic question, giving greater confidence in the accuracy of the results
    • The innovative design of Ipsos’ online questionnaire helps to make the company stand out in the marketplace
    • Creation of a resource that can now be adapted and re-used in other projects

About Gide

Experienced. Reliable. Friendly...

GIDE was established in 1995 and has offices in London, Nantes and Paris. We have programmed and hosted online studies since 1999.

Our team of 30 includes experts in web technologies, research methods, data processing and statistics.

We specialise in market and social research, including both qualitative and quantitative methods. We offer a full range of services and solutions associated with collecting, processing and presenting data, typically using software we develop ourselves.

We are a friendly team who can offer guidance, expertise and a fast reliable service. We believe strongly in collaboration and many of our clients now think of us as an extension of their internal teams.

GIDE is a member of MRS and ESOMAR («Market Research Society»).

Our policy about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is available through this link.

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